Two Adjustable Doorstop

It’s all about strength!

The first doorstop is factory set to stop the door 70 mm from the edge of the pocket, the second is designed to lightly hold the door in the closed position to prevent bounce back.

Door Guide


Quick and easy to fit to the frame with no holes to drill, this guide cleverly guarantees a perfect centred position.

Extractable Track


The running gear and track can be completely removed at any time without breaking into the wall. Only the timber jambs require removal to access the pocket.

Horizontal Reinforced Bars


Specially formed from 0.7 mm galvanised steel, these bars have a dovetail form which greatly increases the strength and reduces flex.

Metal Track Holder


This is better than wooden supports as it give much more added strength to the assembly.

Super Strong


Eclisse use 1.2 mm galvanised steel for the strongest profiles on the market giving a professional finish and customer satisfaction. These bars have a double fold edge profile which greatly increases strength and reduces flex.

Easy To Fit

Assembly Made Easy:



The pocket has a “screwless” assembly process and can be assembled in a matter of minutes – simply, easily without the risk of mistakes.

The complete frame is then screwed into the existing structure through the end verticals and special positions along the top track holder.

Light and Manageable:

Easy to carry direct to installation point – packed into a 2m long 15cm square tube weighing approximately 20kg.

Fully Extractable Track

Many years ago Eclisse faced up to the difficult questions that make other competitors cough, stutter and fidget – ”What happens if something goes wrong inside the wall?  Will I have to knock it down?”

The Eclisse answer was to design and patent their own extractable track system that allows the complete track to be removed WITHOUT having to break into the wall and without weakening the structure.

Jamb Kit


As well as the metal frame for your pocket door, we supply you with a jamb kit, sometimes called a finishing joinery kit. This is what makes the end product into a beautiful, properly finished sliding door. The jambs are made from quality finger-jointed pine with a real wood cherry walnut veneer or in a quality fir, unfinished and ready to stain, paint or varnish.

Designed by Eclisse to give a perfect finish to the system, we’ve left nothing to chance. Take the door post – it would be easier and cheaper to have just a flat piece of wood, but we think that compromises the closure; light peeping through the gaps where the two surfaces are not perfectly aligned, the slam of a wooden door against a flat wooden post, bang!  Every time you close it. We designed a door post with a full recess for the leading edge of the door to sit in when closed, no gaps for light to come through, and channels in the recess with rubber bumpers so that the door closes against soft rubber and not hard wood.

The jambs that line the pocket entrance verticals and cover the top of the door and sliding gear are made of the same material, finished in a real wood veneer or fir, no skimping, quality all the way through. The jambs are routed so that the brushes we supply neatly close the gap between the door and the pocket frame.

Eclisse Quality and Safety

Quality materials for lasting customer satisfaction:
Eclisse products are designed, developed and produced in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001
Eclisse has its products tested wherever possible by independent testing laboratories such as the Milan based authorative
C.S.I. in order to openly demonstrate the quality and reliability.
Download Eclisse Guarantee:

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