How to Guide: Confused about which size of pocket door system to choose? We can Help!


Step 1: Measure the available space


Step 2: Choose one of the standard pocket door frame size that will fit the space


Step 3: Perhaps you need a wider passage width? Then you might consider a couple of alternative options

Using the Classic Single Pocket Door Systems as an example…

Step1:  Measure the overall wall space you have available. The pocket door frame needs to be able to fit within this space.

The bird’s eye view…

Step 2: Look at the sizing table and decide which frame size will fit within the available space and which size door you can use with that frame.

Example 1: Here is an example for a Classic single pocket door system.

Overall wall space/length of partition = 2000mm

Door panel size  – Perhaps you would like to use largest possible  door panel size to provide the largest passage width possible. From the size chart below for the Classic Single Pocket Door System you can see that the widest frame size that will fit the space is 1888mm x 2115mm. This will provide a max. passage size of 900mm x 2030mm and will require you to buy a 926mm x 2040mm to fit the pocket door system.

Example 2: Here is an example for a Classic single pocket door system where you have a particular door size you want to use.

You may already have an idea of the size of door panel you wish to use. You may want to reuse an existing door or to use a door that will match other doors in your property. Let’s say it is a 826mm x 2040mm door panel.  You can see from the chart below that your 826mm x 2040mm door will fit a frame will an overall dimension of 1688mm x 2115mm (this fits easily into the available wall space of 2000mm). This system will give you a passage size of 800 x 2030mm.

Please note, we always recommend to stick to standard door panel sizes for Irish Market. This way door panel shopping becomes hassle free, thus you are not restricted on style and designed and most likely your chosen door supplier will have a standard size door readily available off the shelve. The standard door panel sizes for Irish market are 711 x 1981mm , 762 x 1981mm, 813 x 2032mm and 864 x 2032mm.

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