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Telescopic Single Pocket Kit



Not sure about the size? Please check out our size guide below. Please note, not all sizes are available for purchase online. For other sizes please email info@pocketdoors.ie. Please make sure to read all information provided below regards the product before making your purchase.
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Additional information

Door Panel Size(mm): REQUIRED


Finished Wall Thickness(mm): REQUIRED


Telescopic frame allows two door panels to go into the same wall giving the widest opening and light for the shortest wall space. A synchronized system is also available and allows the two doors to slide into the frame smoothly and simultaneously.

Maximize the opening, reduce the wall space needed.

You are not limited to use a specific door design. Use any door you like! For more information and all available sizes, please click below. Please note, door panel is not supplied with this kit. It is highly recommended to read the following information carefully. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further queries.  

What is Included

What is Included? 

  • Metal Frame
  • Metal Door Post
  • Top Beam with Track
  • Door Mounting Kit
  • All required screws
  • Supplied with full jamb kit including pocket entrance and top horizontal jambs and dust brushes.

Doors, plasterboard and final architrave NOT supplied.



The Eclisse pocket door system can be used in new build, solid or stud walls, just by including the overall dimension in the wall design. In existing buildings with stud walls it is a relatively simple job to remove the required amount of the stud-wall to be able to incorporate the frame.

Eclisse have spent a great amount of research and development to have the simple and easiest product to assemble and install. Assembly of the pocket takes a matter of minutes using horizontals that click together and installation is by simply screwing through the top and end verticals into the wall. Please note, all measurements are based on the final finished floor level (final finished floor level includes for final floor covering i.e. tiles)

Order of Work

  1. Frame assembly
  2. Frame installation
  3. Door installation
  4. Jambs and door post installation

You can plasterboard at any time after frame assembly but before installing the jambs.

Assembly Made Easy

Assembly Made Easy

The pocket has a “screwless” assembly process and can be assembled in a matter of minutes – simply, easily without the risk of mistakes.

The complete frame is then screwed into the existing structure through the end verticals and special positions along the top track holder.

Finished Wall Thickness

Finished Wall Thickness

For Telescopic Model the only Finished wall thickness available is 180mm.



Please note door panel is not supplied with this kit.  You are not restricted to a specific door design, the system is design to suit any door panel of your choice providing is not thicker than 44mm and the weight of the door is not more than 80kg.  Please note, if using telescopic co-ordination mechanisms the door panel weight should be not more than 40kg.

Please be aware, with telescopic system you will always have 9cm of the door panel sticking out of the pocket. This will decrease you maximum passage size by 9cm. Please make sure to allow for this.

Price Enquiry

Price Enquiry

For a quotation, please contact us with reference to size of the Telescopic Kit.



Please allow up to 12 working weeks delivery time.

Choosing the Right Size

Data Sheet PDF         Installation PDF

Please refer to the data sheet for all the sizes available.

Tip 1 – The most common door panel sizes for Irish market is 2ft 6in x 6ft 6in. Consider choosing this size – most likely your favourite door supplier will have this size of the panel off the shelf, thus door shopping becomes hassle free!