Our team at Pocketdoors.ie recently had the pleasure of visiting the Eclisse and Karis factories in Pieve di Soligo, Italy. The visit was very useful and also essential to the team in their understanding of the system and also gave them a better knowledge of the manufacturing processes which we believe will enable the technical team to provide an even better customer service. The team also received the opportunity to build the Unico and Syntesis Eclisse Pocket frames themselves!

Thanks to the amazing technology “click in system” the assembly of the system is very straight forward, which contributes substantially to the time saved on building and renovation sites.

Comments from the team on the assembly:

 “All metal parts of the kit are pre –fabricated to have slots for joining the parts together. Its simply requires a firm hand push (you can also use rubber hammer) to connect the parts. All instructions in the step by step guide are easy to understand and to follow.”

Click in system demonstrated in the following videos:

Another assembly benefit they felt was clever is the method of switching between the 2 finished wall thicknesses 100mm and 125mm.

“The horizontal metal parts (which form the structure of a pocket ) are designed to be clicked with the parallel bars for the 100mm thickness, however to make the kit suitable for 125mm wall the horizontal bars are fixed to the special brackets, which are then fixed to the parallel bars. This makes the transformation as easy as it gets without compromising on the quality of the structure!”

Of course, we were all excited to explore the important and unique feature Eclisse has to offer: the extractable track. Many would assume that the process of removing of the track would be complicated and awkward due to the tight space, etc. We were pleased to find out that this is not the case; the job couldn’t be more straight forward.

Below please see video of the track extraction process during the teams visit:

The Syntesis System is a frameless pocket door system, which creates a slim, neat finish without any extra details – this system is becoming one of our most popular systems.  Many ask, why opt for this system over the others? Can the Unico Standard be bought and the plaster applied to the edges to create frameless finish? The answer is NO. The Syntesis frame is specifically made to be more stable, with extra brackets to hold the structure and keep it rigid. The metal used in the structure of this system is of a higher specification which guarantees the rigidness.  So why is stability important? – As you can imagine all the metal parts visible after the plaster board is applied will need to be covered with plaster. The structured stability of the kit will prevent fractures and cracks on the edges and save the aesthetic look of the frameless opening. The other important difference is the unique technology of mounting the door panel. The special brackets are used to create this frameless finish. The system requires the internal fixings so that the brackets are not visible.

The following video demonstrates the process of mounting the door panel onto Syntesis frame.

The team got an opportunity to explore the showroom full of new and interesting products on display. Our customers are often eager to see the telescopic system in operation, so the following video is just for them. This Single Telescopic System in particular was equipped with telescopic synchronisation mechanism.

The next stop was Karis Glass factory – a family run glass factory with quality as their priority, exceptional art work and a traditional handmade approach combined with all the latest technology to make the best products possible. During the visit they were shown the difference between the tempered and regular glass. Also known as safety glass, tempered glass breaks down into smaller pieces that have less sharp edges. This is possible because during the annealing process the glass is cooled down slowly, which makes the glass much stronger & impact / scratch resistant compared to non-treated glass. This makes the work of Karis professionals even more challenging is that all process of cleaning, cutting, painting and sandblasting is carried out on a regular glass before it undergoes tempering. The process is a very fragile, accuracy demanding, super intense work as the tempting of the glass is the very last step.

Please check our range of Karis glass doors here. The range includes two types of the glass, the 8mm (budget option) and the 10mm glass. The 10mm variant is exclusively hand prepared and painted by an Italian Artists.

For a slim finish, wall and door blending effect please check our Syntesis range here.

If you are restricted on the space, however would like to achieve as much of the opening passage space as possible, the telescopic system might be a solution for you. Please check our range here.

For tiniest spaces, ideal for an en-suite bathrooms where the furniture layout is restricting hinge door from opening or closing we recommend Novanta. This is half hinged and half sliding pocket kit. For more information on this product please contact us on 091 743 100 or info@doorware.ie