In this article we will explain how to reposition the concealed door stopper to  hide a sliding door completely  in the pocket.

We are often asked “Why does the door panel  not fit fully into the pocket?”  It is recommended to leave the door protruding from the pocket for easier handling. Especially for less able people or small children. However, nothing prevents you from hiding  your door panel entirely in the frame to take advantage of the full passage. You just will need to move the concealed door stopper (this stopper is positioned on the bottom of the track and is concealed in the pocket)

How do I do this?

1. Check if the handle is suitable.

Before continuing, it is important to check if the handle is suitable to allow the door travelling into the pocket.  It should not be thicker than the passage of the frame.


On the wooden sliding doors , a finger-pull is recommended to be installed on the leading edge of the door. This will allow you to use your finger and slide the  door out of the pocket when it is fully inside the frame.

2. Accessing the track  to adjust the concealed stopper.


On models with finishing jambs, remove the upper wooden jamb. It can be refitted when finished.  Skip this step if your model is without jambs (type Syntesis®).


Pull the door forward exposing the hanger at the top of the door, loosen the hanger nut and carefully release the hanging panel from retaining bolt . Repeat for both hangers.


Once the door is out, remove the screws that hold the rail to the header bar, and then slide the track forward to release from the header bar.


Finally, loosen the internal stopper  and move back along the track to the distance required. It is very important to make sure to tighten fully once adjusted.

Now your door will be stopping  further away than before. This will allow you to hide your door completely inside the pocket , taking the advantage of the full passage.

Once the track is fitted back to the header bar and all the screws are tightened – reattach your door panel and test your new stopping position ! If you are satisfied with the result –  refit the jambs.